Rstudio server not loading, taking too long to respond in browser

I'm using the open version of Rstudio server and while trying to create a nginx ssl certificate for my site, Rstudio stopped responding in the web browser. I get the "site cannot be reached... took too long to respond" error at the 8787 port.

Rstudio is still running when checking on the command line and when I look at the 8787 port it is still pointed to Rstudio. Have tried uninstalling nginx but haven't gotten Rstudio to be able to run in the browser again.

I've also uninstalled and re-installed rstudio-server. When I re-install I get the error "rsession: no process found"

I have shiny-server running on the same IP and is unaffected.

Fixed with:

sudo ufw allow 8787

idk why, but I'm very much rejoice

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