RStudio Server (open source) on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Does anyone have any idea when there will be a new version of 'RStudio Server' specifically for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The existing version is now out of date and will not fully install without 'libssl1' dependency issues after install.

Supposedly, It was going to be a new release last month but according to the RStudio's github repo and their versioning convention the new version seems to be rescheduled for October 2022

Preview version is available here: RStudio Preview - RStudio

It looks like the same version/build are now available as official releases but I can't find the link to the Ubuntu 22.04 version on the release download page. It may just be an oversight from the RStudio Team.

Yup, it was just an oversight, and has just been addressed! You can get an official Ubuntu 22 build of RStudio Server Open Source here:

As a side note, your release notes say

  • No longer support Debian 9 (“stretch”) for Desktop, Server, and Workbench (#10981)
  • No longer support SLES 12 for Desktop, Server, and Workbench (#10583)

But the download page you have linked says

Prerequisites RStudio Server requires Debian version 8 (or higher) or Ubuntu version 16.04 (or higher).

Hi All,

Thanks for all your replies...very happy with responses!!

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