Rstudio server unauthorized user

I was able to newly install R and Rstudio-server onto my Chromebook with Linux. When I attempted to login, I received "error: unauthorized user". I have Pamtester installed and attempted

$ pamtester -v auth authenticate

the output was
pamtester: invoking pam_start(auth, , ...)
pamtester: performing operation - authenticate
pamtester: authentication failure

I used the only possible usernames and passwords it could be so I know that I have to be using the correct information. I am new to all of this and have no earthly idea what the problem could be.

It is likely that RStudio is using a PAM profile that does not support password authentication.

If you have another PAM profile that's working, you can copy that one over RStudio's PAM profile as outlined in the docs. For example, if you can ssh into the Chromebook, then you could use sshd's PAM profile.

I apologize, I am very new to this and trying to teach myself. I understand what you are saying but I am not understanding what code I am supposed to input to resolve the issue. Also, I only have PAM for the purpose of getting RStudio to work, I don't believe I have another working profile.

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