RStudio session aborted when loading some packages after upgrade to R 4.2

R session aborted: R encountered a fatal error. This occurs when trying to load some packages, such as glmulti, xlsx etc. There is no problem when loading them in original R terminal. I'm using the latest R 4.2 with RStudio 2022.02.0 Build 485. All packages are up to date

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Same here loading "RJDemetra". Maybe is something related with Java depending packages...
Using R 4.1.3. works, but new version of RStudio (485 build) crashes with R4.2.

There is a bug-report here:

describing a problem related to rJava and R4.2.
In the bottom of the bug-report there is a link to a patched version of R4.2. I have tested with package xlsx, and that now works.


The patched version works for me. Thanks. I'll post the patched link here if anyone has the same issue: Download the R-4.2.0 Patched build for Windows. The R-project for statistical computing.

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