Rstudio starts up blank, can't press menu buttons, works starting up as administrator


I use Windows 7 with RStudio 1.1.456. When I start the program it just shows a blank, white screen and the menu buttons on the top doesn't function. When I click them nothing shows up. Starting the program as administrator works and everything seems to load like normal. This is a new installation. We need to be able to run the program as a regular user, not with admin privileges. What causes this issue?


It is quite hard to tell what's causing this problem unless we can look at a diagnostics report. Any number of reasons could result in such problems (R itself may be missing or not installed right).

Could you check that if you installed the R (not Rstudio) prior to RStudio installation? You can download it from the official website.

If you installed and the problem persists, the diagnostic report may help.

How to Run a Diagnostics Report

You might also try installing the preview release to see if you have any better luck there.

We've had a number of reports of these issues over the past while, but still haven't yet been able to isolate the cause nor reproduce the issue in-house. Our best guess is that this is something permission-related (e.g. RStudio is unable to read/write some files it normally would); perhaps in the user's AppData\Local or AppData\Roaming folders.

Hi all,

This is now solved. I deleted two folders and it started working:

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