RStudio stuck loading Push to Git

Help, please. I'm new to both RStudio & Github and I'm having a problem with Rstudio getting stuck pushing to GitHub

I have connected Github and Rstudio with the SSH key.
I went through the steps of creating a repository in Github and then creating a new project in RStudio linking it to the repo.

I can pull fine from Git into RStudio but anytime I try to push anything back it gets stuck on the loading/processing pop up screen. No error messages or failure but just never stops loading/processing.
I'm currently trying to push a text file saved as

I've tried search for help on the topic but the only thing I could find was the same issue occurring back in 2018 that was resolved with a later release.
I currently have version 1.4.1717 installed.

Would greatly appreciate help!

I am using RStudio ver 4.1.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and are having almost exactly the same issue.

Previously (24 days ago), I was able to PUSH & PULL correctly usin RStudio and Github with SSH_Keys. The only variable that has changed is the changeover at Github from PASSWDs to SSH_Keys. Could this be related?

Although I am getting a specific SSH message:

>>> /usr/bin/git push origin HEAD:refs/heads/main
ssh: connect to host port 7913: Connection timed out
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

I have no idea why the SSH would be attempting to connect to Github Port 7913. However I do use Port 7913 on all of my sshd_configs, for both this machine and remote Debian-based ones. Coincidence?

In the meantime, I am going to revoke all SSH_Keys, Passwds and Personal Access Tokens, then start again.

This issue has now been solved.


  • Remove the existing SSH_Keys in the Github account
  • Remove the existing SSH_Keys from ~/.ssh
  • Generate new SSH_Keys using RStudio > Tools > Global Options > Git/SVN
  • Export new SSH_Key to Github using xclip
  • Create new file touch ~/.ssh/config
  • Edit file nano ~/.ssh/config
  Port 443
  • Test using ssh -T
  • Commit & PUSH as per spec

If anyone would like further details on the exact process and commands, please let me know and I can edit this post with the full commands.

I am unable to ascertain what exactly broke in my system SSH, which is always an issue.

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