RStudio: syntax highlighting: brighter colors

I did not realize it until recently, but as I have grown older my color discrimination has become less acute. I still see all the colors, but they are less distinct. For instance, I find it quite difficult to see the syntax highlighting in the "solarize" family of color palates, with the use of pastels and similar saturation for most colors, Various bits the internet tell me that this is a common problem after age 50 or so..

I would like to know if there a simple way that I could change my current settings in order to maximize color saturation, intensity, and brightness, in text only (not the background), without having to go through R's however many hundred colors and custom tune each one.

RStudio theme are now customizable. I guess you could modify or create one that suits you.

There is some existing community theme if you want to change

hope it helps

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