Rstudio tries to download packages that don't exist (I think)

System is Windows 10 x64, using R v4.0.5 and Rstudio v1.4.1106. Recently clean installed Windows. Tried reinstalling R and Rstudio multiple times after too.

I'm trying to use packages like tidyverse and shiny. Shiny has dependencies of httpuv and later, so when I went to install them I get the error "Cannot open URL 'https:// ...": HTTP status was '404 Not Found'", also shown below. I went into the repository on a browser and saw that the package indeed doesn't exist. I've tried many repositories (as listed in Tools -> global options -> packages) other than the but they also don't have the packages "" or "" that rstudio is attempting to download.

Am I doing something wrong here, like working with an incompatible version of R (v4.0.5)? Why is rstudio trying to download packages that don't exist? My temporary workaround is separately downloading the packages I need on and installing them as tar.gz, but hopefully there's a simpler solution to all this. Thanks in advance

This seems like a connectivity issue, R is not being able to connect to the CRAN repository you have selected, these are some things to try.

  • Choose a different CRAN repository, RStudios repository is a good choice ( or you could choose one that is geographically closer to you.
  • Disable secure download setting.
  • Check if your internet connection has traffic restrictions of some kind, like a firewall, proxy server, etc. This is usually the case when you are at work or school.