rstudio UI- webpage does not load

UI - webpage does not open , it was not working even before upgrade too.

Currently we are running below version..

[root@abc1234 /]# rstudio-server version
1.3.1073 (Giant Goldenrod) for CentOS 6
[root@abc1234 /]# cat /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.7 (Maipo)
[root@abc1234 /]#

[root@abc1234 /]# rstudio-server run-diagnostics
Usage: rstudio-server {status|start|stop|restart|test-config|verify-installation|suspend-session|suspend-all|force-suspend-session|force-suspend-all|kill-session|kill-all|offline|online|active-sessions|version}
[root@abc1234 /]#

I dont see an option 'run-diagnostics' please above message.

recently we have upgraded from 1.1.453 ---> 1.3.1073, and we downloaded it from rstudio site. Please suggest,

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