RStudio v1.2 has problem with DPI in high resolution monitor



I installed the newest version of RStudio (i.e. v1.2.679-1 Preview) and the fonts and the whole application is so large that is almost impossible to work. My 27" monitor has res. 3840x2160. Is it known problem? I tried to fix it using scaling DPI by system but results do not satisfy me. Previous ver. RStudio works well. I know that something can be change in settings (Appearance) but it's not good solution.


What happens when you adjust RStudio's menu font sizes with ctrl+"+" and ctrl+"-".
Or adjust adjust the size of console, code and other window fonts via tools >> Global Options >> Appearance?


In Windows zoom in: CTRL+Shift '+' ; zoom out: CTRL '-'
That works: fonts and tabs change the size. But the question is: why in all of the previous versions of RStudio I didn't have to do? Thanks, but I uninstall RStudio from my PC because it's impossible to work with (I checked on my laptop.).


I ran into the same thing today, but could zoom it down to 75%. I like the more native look so far. There are still some quirks. For example, the git management window is still super big. And there's a weird white square in the packages pane.

Windows 10, Version 1.2.679 – Build 703 (415a39c1)

Edit: I think the shocking largeness happens because Windows 10 can upscale everything to be 150% size on high DPI screen.


There is a problem with RStudio not with Windows 10. Previous versions works well.


I just meant it’s the interplay of the two.


@RobertForum: Are you using just a single monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, or do you by any chance have a dual-monitor setup? (Just in case it's multiple monitors + multiple resolutions triggering the bug in RStudio)

It would be helpful if you could confirm which version of Windows you have installed, as well.


I use only a single monitor. I use Windows 10 Education x64, build 1803.
Thanks for the response.


I'm having a similar problem, having recently moved to a dual monitor setup wit ha WIndows laptop. The laptop screen is a 3000x2000 13" screen, so very high DPI, and the monitor is a larger but only a 1920x0180 screen. I can adjust the zoom in RStudio for either monitor, but I'm not sure if there's some sort of adaptive solution I'm missing.

(Windows 10 Pro 1803)

EDIT: ref. also this thread and this comment. I can see this has been issue for a while and that you're well aware of it :slight_smile:

I'm finding that the ideal zoom for RStudio in my setup matches that for Windows: 100% for both RStudio and Windows on my external monitor, and 175% for both RStudio and WIndows on my laptop display. Perhaps a future version of RStudio could have an option to read the current display's zoom setting on boot and on changing displays? (I don't have much Windows dev experience; I shouldn't presume :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)