RStudio v1.3.1004-1 Preview: Cannot Insert Tilde

Since updating to the latest preview release RStudio v1.3.1004-1, I fail to insert tilde (ie. '~') on pressing Alt Gr (or Ctrl and Alt) and + simultaneously on my German keyboard (Windows 10 x64). Instead, RStudio's Request Log opens up, for which the shortcut should be Ctrl and Alt and ` according to the menu.


The same for me. Issue is gone in daily build 1.4.430.

Issue still present in v1.3.1007-1.

Same problem for me in 1.3.1014, also on a german keyboard.
I created an issue on GitHub about this bug:

Sorry, I juggled some shortcuts in latest preview and unfortunately introduced this problem with German keyboards. Working on the fix now!

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Hi Gary,

I checked 1.3.1019-1, fixed now.

Thank you!

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