Rstudio version for POP OS and Quarto

I am currently using Rstudio 2022.06.0-daily+343 "Spotted Wakerobin" Daily, on a linux machine using POP OS version 22.04. This daily got me through some recent OS updates, but I would like to try the new Quarto and need a newer version of the IDE

Before I just uninstall and reinstall 2022.02.3-492 amd64.deb I am asking this a good idea?

In Rstudio -> Help -> Check for Updates -> "You're using the newest version of RStudio."

I am assuming there is something I don't know.
Thank you

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Iā€™m using Spotted Wakerobin daily 2202.06.0 Build 512 under Pop!OS 22.04 and just upgraded to Quarto 0.9.312 without problems.

I strongly counsel against downversioning to the last release of RStudio.

Thank you for your advice. I did as you recommend - working well

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