RStudio view Values in the Environment




Is it possible to View Values in the Environment by clicking. Instead of writing View() in the console, when I click a value nothing is happening. Does it work only (clicking) with functions and dataframes, lists ?

I would be grateful for help.


Can you clarify a bit more on what you want to do? RStudio does have "Environment" pane where all of the results with name are listed.


Thank you for your reply. I want to do a simple thing if possible. For example if you have a function in an environment panel and you click on it immediately in upper left window ( I believe it is script window) you can see what is inside this function. The same with dataframe and lists. If I click on an object (a value) eg. aaa <- 148, so my object is aaa with a value 148 and if I click on it nothing is happening. But when I write down in console View(aaa) in upper left panel I can see it now in like small table (row and column). Of course this is not difficult to write View(aaa) but I was wondering if by clicking can I get it faster. In previous versions of RStudio if I remember it right it was working.
I hope I did not explained it in a very complicated way.


Hmm, I’m not aware of more object types being clickable in the Environment pane previously. I think there’s been some previous discussion here of the desire to extend clickability to other types of objects (but I can’t find it right now, so maybe I imagined it? :sweat_smile:). There’s also a bit of related discussion on GitHub:

This tutorial shows how to do something similar to what you’re looking for with an RStudio addin:


Thank you very much, I will look into it. :slight_smile: