RStudio Web installed packages are not saved

Whenever I start a new project I have to install tidyverse and lubridate packages all over again. I thought I just have to update packages but not install them every time I start a new project. What am I missing? Maybe I have to save installed packages somehow or? and when I run .libpath() and go to the packages directory it is always empty.

What makes you think you need to install them again? R package only need to be installed once (with install.packages()) but they need to be loaded on each new R session you want to use them on (with library()).

Because when I write library(tidyverse) it says there’s is no such package. And if go to packages section in Rstudio there’s no tidyverse. I don’t have issues with Rstudio desktop but with Web

Do you mean RStudio Cloud? If so, you can create a base project for a workspace so all new projects inherite the package library from it.

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Now I got it. Yeah, that’s the problem. The next project didn’t inherit packages from the previous. Thank you for your help. :pray::pray::pray:

i belive, Rstudio devs made some changes and now you cant create a base project. theres no option in settings to create a base project

I can see it, just create a normal project, then go to the workspace settings and select it as base project

Note: I believe this is not available for the default workspace, you need to create a new one.

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yes. Now it works. Thank you again, man. I am a newbie. Learning step by step.

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