RStudio Webinars timing


These are a great resource but as a PT resident the constant 8 a.m. timing are impossible to tune into live
I realize they are archived but much of the benefit comes from the questions raised.

Is there any chance of rotating times or repeating them somehow to allow more Q&A from other areas of the world
Or switching to, say, 1pm ET which might better cover the Americas and also not be too late for Europe



Thanks @pssguy, you've spotted our biggest challenge: ensuring that the time works well for the US as well as Europe and even Asia, Australia, and New Zealand (unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible to accommodate the last three along with the first two). I'll make sure that the guys who schedule the webinars see your feedback; I know they will be happy to have it.


@garrett Thanks for getting back. I appreciate the difficulty. Maybe this could be a forum for highlighting upcoming webinars and answering follow up questions


Also, having the materials posted ahead of time if at all possible would be a great help!


@garrett I'm wondering about the spoken language content. I'm deaf and can't hear the audio. I know RStudio webinars have a lot of visual text, slides, and helpful examples. How much talking is happening throughout all this? Are there things said which do not appear as text in the slides or code?

YouTube has pretty decent on-the-fly audio transcription capabilities, and their automatically-generated transcripts can be edited for errors. Can captions/subtitles be turned on for the videos if they're already being hosted on YouTube?


You might not understand the typical webinar development process :wink: But seriously: that of course is a goal.


@foundinblank unfortunately, I would estimate that most of our webinars have non-stop talking that builds upon the content on the screen (or at least explains it). I know that we've tried several video services---I think we are currently using wistia---but youtube has not been one of them. On our end, we benefit from viewer analytics that youtube does not provide.

I would really like to have transcripts, certainly for the hearing impaired but also for native speakers of other languages. So why don't we? If there is one thing I'd like to convey about the webinars, it is that they are a lean and free operation (this goes to @kmprioli's comment too). We usually make a webinar happen by dragging a developer away from his or her work (and, in some cases, comfort zone!), and the webinars do not directly make money that can be reinvested in the webinars. I think you can expect to see future refinements (including transcripts for existing videos), but for now things are lean and informal to get information out as quickly as possible.


Totally understand. Thanks, @garrett


Great to see the upcoming Webinar on tidyeval is at 1pm ESTWednesday. Thanks for making the time change