Rstudio white screen

Getting a white screen when trying to load Rstudio. Cannot start anything from the menu. I started having problems when linking with Github. I ran diagnostics from the file in C:/ and these are the responses I received:
Werfault.exe Application Error 0xc00001zd
git.exe.exe 0x0000000000000000 Memory could not be written
I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Rx64 and RStudio.
My computer has plenty of memory as it is new.
Can anyone help? I have tried deleting data files and anything I have seen on support.

Have you tried reseting Rstudio's state?

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Thank you for that info. Tried that and renamed directories. No it says git.exe.exe application error 0xc0000142. Guess what? I uninstalled Github and now it works!!!!

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