Rstudio will hang when git staging large files, & UI design

I think this is nothing new , but Rstudio hangs when trying to commit large files (eg .Rdata or images). Which is fine, I think the only thing we should version control anyway is code, and surely not large files.

Now, it seems to me that with the current UI of Rstudio, the only way to stage files in subfolders is to first stage the whole folder then de-select what we don't need (am I wrong?). So if I just want to commit the .Rmd file of a presentation which lives in a 'documentation' folder , I first have to stage the folder (including all the images and xaringan-created files) - which of course causes the whole thing to stall.

One can get around by using git through the command line, but it seems limiting to not be able to 'look into folders' to only stage certain files. I hope I made myself clear :slightly_smiling_face:

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