RStudio won't start (Windows 10)

So, I first downloaded RStudio for a university course last September, everything worked fine up until January when I had too much going on and stopped learning for a while. I decided to get back to it now but just couldn't make RStudio start. I don't even get an error message, just nothing happens. Task Manager says it's running though.
I've tried to reinstall it several times, updated R to current version, deleted cache but nothing helps.
Does anyone have an idea what to do?
Thank you!

You might have better luck with the preview release -- can you give it a download and let us know?

Does the R client works? (C:\Program Files\R)

Yes, R client seems to work fine. Also, I had no issues with R tools in Visual Studio, if it means anything.

Yes! The preview release works, thanks a lot!

FYI I had a similar issue on Windows 10 since the latest windows update and the preview version fixed it.

I was using the release version IDE fine last week, but since the update it didn't start (even after following troubleshooting advice resetting state and reinstalling).

Windows log gave :
Faulting application name: rstudio.exe, version: 1.1.463.0, time stamp: 0x5bd10db6
Faulting module name: rstudio.exe, version: 1.1.463.0, time stamp: 0x5bd10db6
Exception code: 0x40000015

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