Rstudio workbench behind AWS ALB has redirect responses to HTTP

I have RStudio workbench (server pro) container (listening to port 8787) deployed in an ECS cluster behind an ALB. ALB exposes HTTPS (e.g. for traffic to workbench. The homepage loads up fine but when logging in (XHR POST to, the response is a 302 redirect with location . As the browser can not reach port 80, it errors out.
Is there a way to force workbench to respond with https instead of http?
I tried setting ssl-redirect-http=1 but it seems to have no effect.
AWS ALBs forward the header X-Forwarded-Proto already so am not sure what's going on.
How can I make workbench aware that the protocol should be https instead of http?

Hi @pkrstudio,

Thanks for reaching out. Since you're using RStudio Workbench, you have access to our premium support and I'd encourage you to file a support ticket. Directions are here: How do I submit a Support ticket? – RStudio Support

If you could add a little detail about your authentication setup, that would be great. I assume you're using SAML or OAuth, since there's a redirect involved?


Hi Alex,

Am not using SAML. RStudio does a POST-redirect for login. That's the redirect am talking about.
Yes, I submitted a support ticket as well. And resolved the issue by looking at RStudio code.

Found issue in the way RStudio figures out if it is behind proxy at

Instead of getting proxied base URI, it gets internal URI.
The protocol is then taken from 'X-RStudio-Proto' header than 'X-Forwarded-For' header.

Solved my issue by adding setting 'X-RStudio-Proto' header to https in

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