RStudio Workbench IDE with browser() behaves differently from RStudio IDE


I use browser() quite a bit in Shiny app editing. When I work locally with the RStudio IDE (Prairie Trillium release) when the debugger hits browser() I can do all the editing I want and re-run code and the view does not jump away from the location in the code I'm editing. Perfect.

With the RStudio Workbench IDE (Ghost Orchid) if I use browser() and make no changes to my code then all is fine and the code view stays where I put the browser statement. But if I edit the code at all, then every time I run new code the view jumps to a new debug location so it can be cumbersome to edit because from then on, every time I execute a bit of code to see what's happening it jumps away from where I'm editing.

Any suggestions?


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