Rule based classification using R Studio

i am using R Version 3.5.2.
Please tell us which library is useful for Rule base classfication. In older Version of R, C50 (c5.0) is used, But in 3.5.2. Version which library is useful.

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Is there any reason you believe C50 won't be useful for R 3.5.2?

According to the CRAN page, it's supposed to work for R \geq 2.10.0.


Instead of handing out a fish, I'll tell you about some fishing poles:

  • In R, the RSiteSearch() function searches through the documentation on CRAN for terms. For example, RSiteSearch("classification") opens a web page with all files including the term classification. Once there, you can use the usual search tricks to find pages with "rule-based classification"
  • The Task Views on the official CRAN website are curated lists of packages for different tasks. Machine learning is probably a good one for you to look through.
  • I'll often just go to CRAN's package listing and search for keywords with my browsers "find" tool.

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