Run bash in restricted mode when called by R “?” help command

I often use the terminal built in to Rstudio to run interactive R commands and scripts remotely on a server. Occasionally I end up executing R commands in terminal when R is not running in terminal. This can happen for a number of reasons, but one is that after having run the R command "?library" in terminal, the terminal is actually in the bash shell.

The problem that arises is that R commands often have ">" since this is the command prompt in R, or the command may be "Var1 > Var2". This will inadvertently create files in the remote working directory via the linux redirection operator. I am happy to set noclobber to avoid catastrophic overwrites, but I also want to avoid creating new files.

I can think of several ways to address this. One is to disable the ">" operator for the entire ssh session. My current understanding is that it is not possible without disabling most of bash by running in restricted mode.

I am now wondering about how to implement two other partial solutions.

One is to make the remote R help pages show up in a different color in Rstudio terminal to indicate terminal is running bash. This is not ideal because often the terminal is hidden, for example after running a command locally in the R console.

A better partial solution would be to automatically run bash in restricted mode when it is exposed by calling "?" in the terminal R session. This solution is ultimately just an R question, not an Rstudio question.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks

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