Run Multiple Regression from Business Manager

I'm trying to run Multiple regressions from metrics pulled out from Facebook Business Manager. However, since I'm not an experiences R user I have problems with converting data from the Excel report in order to be able to run a regression model.

I'd be really happy if someone is able to solve the struggles I have here ↓

my_data <- read.csv(file = "clipboard",
                    sep = "\t", header=TRUE)

#I can see here that my data have different classes. E.g. some are integers and some are characters 

#Trying to convert all to numeric
my_data <- as.numeric(as.character(my_data))

#getting now the error
Warning message:
NAs introduced by coercion 

I have been trying to first convert all to factors e.g.:
my_data <- read.csv(file = "clipboard",
sep = "\t", header=TRUE,
colClasses = "factor")

But here when trying to convert
my_data <- as.numeric(as.factor(my_data))

Then I almost all of my data removed.

I will eventually like to be able to run simple models as:

#Navngiver vores datasæt: 
"ROAS" <- my_data$Purchase.ROAS..Return.on.Ad.Spend.
"Clicks" <- my_data$Link.Clicks
"AmountSpent" <- my_data$Amount.Spent..DKK.
"PostReactions" <- my_data$Post.Reactions

ROASModel <- lm(ROAS ~ PostReactions + AmountSpent)

stargazer(ROASModel, type = "text")

It sounds like we need to see some of your data. It looks like you are trying doing too many data conversions. This command as.factor(my_data) looks very strange.

Can you point us to it at the Facebook Business Manager or supply the data you have in the data.frame my__data?

A very simple and very effective way to supply some data is to use the dput() command.


and then simply copy the output and paste it here. If you have a very large data set then a sample should be fine. To supply us with 100 rows of your data set do

dput(head(mydata , 100))

where mydata is the name of your dataframe or tibble

Hey - of course. I have the data here using dput ↓

structure(list(Amount.Spent..DKK. = c("49746", "23180,5", "69364", 
"8362", "1212", "3201,2", "81126", "5028,21", "13509", "10500", 
"5357,1", "60987", "5600", "2010", "109549", "12000", "28887", 
"2773,42", "3708", "22862", "12000,86", "1383", "1856,4", "1063,6", 
"6000,4", "2740", "9473", "6545", "5567,31", "7173", "42227,1", 
"239793", "2655", "60590", "159934,45", "5944", "1675", "3377", 
"3015", "10677", "2651,1", "5986", "41022", "4466,92", "8501", 
"7809,5", "24143", "10517", "6228", "9987", "17241", "2274", 
"33428", "4400", "12235", "1109", "41641", "4677", "5367", "4503", 
"5794", "5000", "45545", "11766", "5674"), Post.Reactions = c(1276L, 
246L, 798L, 196L, 17L, 75L, 98L, 131L, 15L, 305L, 127L, 842L, 
16L, 2L, 1266L, 196L, 515L, 28L, 31L, 133L, 107L, 7L, 39L, 531L, 
62L, 41L, 210L, 113L, 35L, 152L, 430L, 8055L, 57L, 348L, 3589L, 
1229L, 27L, 54L, 26L, 168L, 33L, 90L, 12L, 42L, 280L, 93L, 111L, 
102L, 32L, 254L, 428L, 40L, 56L, 4L, 25L, 8L, 135L, 29L, 167L, 
13L, 199L, 10L, 522L, 200L, 187L), Post.Engagement = c(4755L, 
1631L, 16565L, 4273L, 158L, 5993L, 122725L, 999L, 22936L, 1132L, 
2987L, 11979L, 20936L, 3383L, 14215L, 984L, 2700L, 410L, 915L, 
72960L, 644L, 2094L, 315L, 634L, 1387L, 329L, 1475L, 428L, 351L, 
1247L, 3576L, 33077L, 275L, 6062L, 462781L, 5198L, 207L, 10659L, 
11715L, 26359L, 148L, 831L, 5131L, 12824L, 2680L, 705L, 767L, 
882L, 5604L, 1437L, 33763L, 304L, 28889L, 199L, 11296L, 4728L, 
1341L, 543L, 570L, 268L, 674L, 318L, 4242L, 21301L, 667L), Link.Clicks = c(3254L, 
1359L, 15565L, 2624L, 134L, 1471L, 5250L, 858L, 965L, 798L, 2818L, 
10834L, 759L, 163L, 12731L, 767L, 2147L, 378L, 879L, 2745L, 524L, 
64L, 269L, 86L, 1296L, 284L, 1211L, 302L, 312L, 1047L, 3016L, 
22969L, 200L, 5670L, 21773L, 3815L, 177L, 255L, 175L, 597L, 110L, 
720L, 1114L, 176L, 2318L, 580L, 647L, 751L, 432L, 1152L, 1934L, 
249L, 702L, 195L, 226L, 233L, 1188L, 507L, 393L, 249L, 455L, 
302L, 3656L, 1199L, 477L), = c(1077L, 205L, 262L, 
127L, 6L, 112L, 528L, 12L, 120L, 82L, 32L, 301L, 39L, 3L, 641L, 
67L, 115L, 4L, 14L, 202L, 55L, 8L, 2L, 1L, 12L, 5L, 73L, 25L, 
5L, 29L, 260L, 884L, 13L, 247L, 549L, 46L, 3L, 55L, 6L, 24L, 
20L, 1L, 14L, 5L, 3L, 14L, 109L, 31L, 22L, 103L, 94L, 12L, 176L, 
49L, 35L, 26L, 182L, 12L, 72L, 22L, 22L, 14L, 322L, 57L, 22L), 
    Purchases = c(430L, 105L, 132L, 7L, 3L, 38L, 225L, 9L, 53L, 
    37L, 13L, 97L, 11L, 5L, 251L, 32L, 39L, 2L, 8L, 48L, 32L, 
    1L, 1L, 2L, 6L, 3L, 16L, 8L, 3L, 1L, 60L, 379L, 1L, 89L, 
    217L, 2L, 2L, 2L, 2L, 5L, 6L, 2L, 4L, 2L, 1L, 1L, 64L, 11L, 
    8L, 15L, 32L, 1L, 72L, 9L, 21L, 6L, 68L, 7L, 22L, 9L, 13L, 
    11L, 123L, 22L, 5L), Purchase.ROAS..Return.on.Ad.Spend. = c("9,656615", 
    "4,546138", "2,133519", "0,781939", "2,773046", "14,435083", 
    "2,930033", "1,681652", "4,100064", "3,79113", "3,284675", 
    "1,568252", "2,390962", "2,798869", "2,374608", "2,748595", 
    "1,424031", "0,597996", "2,116865", "2,027512", "2,455917", 
    "0,635595", "0,430562", "1,579433", "0,919183", "0,878725", 
    "1,840102", "1,164193", "0,467641", "0,114018", "1,908024", 
    "2,090611", "0,451888", "1,668044", "1,698147", "0,404363", 
    "1,397824", "0,266186", "0,706232", "0,555856", "2,999532", 
    "0,317049", "1,115068", "0,402627", "0,225008", "0,208062", 
    "2,974487", "1,140982", "1,334519", "1,582212", "1,975065", 
    "0,316254", "2,002542", "2,14102", "1,499612", "0,93668", 
    "1,286902", "1,624873", "3,256563", "2,136109", "1,31595", 
    "2,161382", "2,426768", "1,724376", "0,853213")), class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, 

First silly question, is the "," a decimal separator or a thousands separator?

It seems to be turning the first variable Amount.Spent..DKK.
and the last variable * Purchase.ROAS..Return.on.Ad.Spend.* into character variables which does not look like what is intended.

I converted your data to decimal separator "." and all seems well but I did not try it in stargazer.

# rename columns to something simple
names(my_data)  <-   c("amt", "react", "engage", "clicks", "cart", "purchase", "roas")

# crude but effective way to convert to . vs , as decimal seperator. There must be a better way!
write.csv2(my_data, "~/RJunk/mount/mntdata1.csv", row.names = FALSE)

my_data  <-  read.csv2("~/RJunk/mount/mntdata1.csv")

ROASModel <- lm(roas ~ react + amt, data = my_data)

Thanks, the "," is a decimal seperator :slight_smile:

Good, looks like we are in business. I have very seldomly dealt with comma delimited variables as you can probably see from my crappy code. Here is a link to an article you may find useful.

Best wishes,