Run RStudio IDE locally, but R session in Docker image




I know about the rocker RStudio docker containers and that I could connect to RStudio by using a browser, but I would like to have one local RStudio IDE installation but use R in a docker image instead of the local R. It just seems to be a waste of space to have RStudio installed in each docker image.

Or in other words: Can I specify the R executable to be used in RStudio?

Is this possible?




RStudio needs the path to an R installation living on the local filesystem, so as far as I know there’s no way to connect RStudio to R within a Docker image. It might be possible to accomplish this is the Docker container’s filesystem could be mounted on the host’s filesystem somewhere, but I’m not sure if this is possible.


Hm. It would be a very useful feature to be able to use an R session in a docker container from RStudio.