runApp() using shinyFiles from github

I've been mucking around with a package from github shinyFiles. It seemed like a good package to run due to the fact it just opens up and shows the directories in the server.

So I ran runApp() from libary(shiny) in the R console on the server and also in the directory which holds the server.R file and it produces Listening on with no error.

After that I go back to my desktop and type in the address but it only produces the error The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

Now is this because the app is running on the server browser and not linked to my desktop browser at all? Yes, I have no clue about servers etc, just trying to learn.

When use use runApp() is for local testing, this ip is the same as localhost, if you type that in your desktop browser you are pointing to port 4550 in your desktop computer not in the server.

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