Running lines in Script, 3 buffer/padding rows added before bottom, option to edit this number?

With a script long enough to allow scrolling, if you crtl+enter your way through lines, RStudio pads/buffers the scroll window view by 3 rows/lines i.e. once the active line gets within 3 lines of the bottom of the window, running subsequent lines autoscrolls the window down so you always get to see 3 lines ahead. This is nice. But the more I think about it, the more I think I care much less about the rows that have gone before, and much more about the rows that are coming up, almost like having a tiny windscreen in a car but a huge rear view mirror.

Any chance the read-ahead (or whatever this subject should actually be called!) feature could be editable? Either to be an integer, percent (of lines in current sized view), or negative integer (leave only n lines ABOVE and show the rest below)? For integer/negative integer you'd need a little bit of code to ensure the user-set value is possible given the current window size, else set it to the nearest possible, but that should be easy enough.


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