Running vignette with non-CRAN dependencies

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I'm currently developing an R package, which I'm hoping to submit to CRAN soon. My issue is that the package is heavily dependent on R-INLA (non-CRAN package), and so the package's vignette does not build during the CRAN checks. Is there anything I can do about this to get the vignette to compile, or anything I can do to get past the checks?

If R-INLA is in a CRAN-like repository, then you can include that in the Additional_repositories field in DESCRIPTION. See "Writing R Extensions" for the details and search on GitHub for org:cran additional_repositories for examples in other packages.

You won't be able to run the vignette on CRAN, but that's fine, you can still include the built vignette in the package.

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Thank you so much :grin:!

Here's a how-to for precomputing a vignette: rOpenSci | How to precompute package vignettes or pkgdown articles

You could then add a reminder to update the precomputed vignette in a release_bullets() internal function Create a release checklist in a GitHub issue — use_release_issue • usethis

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