Sample names must be unique

Hello All, I am trying to use miodin package to define study design case control but i get an error which says

sample names must be unique

. please have a look at my code and tell me what i am doing wrong, thanks in advance.

mp <- MiodinProject(
	name = "MyProject",
	author = "lee",
	path ="." )

countTable <- read.table(paste0("data/",'seq.txt'), 
	header = TRUE,
	sep = '\t',
	stringsAsFactors = FALSE

sampleTable <- data.frame(

  SampleName = colnames(countTable),
SamplingPoint = paste0('sp',rep(1, 15)),
Treatment = rep(c('control_1', 'affected_1'), 15)
assayTable <- data.frame(
SampleName = colnames(countTable),
  DataFile = paste0("data/",'seq.txt'),
  DataColumn = colnames(countTable))

ms <- studyDesignCaseControl(
  studyName = "seq",
  factorName = "Treatment",
  caseName = "affected_1",
  controlName = "control_1",
  contrastName = "Treatment",
  numCase = 15,
  numControl = 15,
  sampleTable = sampleTable,
  assayTable = assayTable, 
  assayTableName = "RNAseq"

do you know what your sample names are?
do you know whether they are unique ?

please tell me does anyone has solution to this problem?

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what does this result in ?

No i don't know but i have a file in which experimental variable is either control_1 or effected_1 i don't know what it means by sample names and its uniqueness


this is a command that instructs R to print something if you run it.
run it.
report the output here.
copy and paste can be used.

countTable is is a variable in which i stored the file that i want to import and it results in printing that file

This is the result

[1] "ID" "LineA_1" "LineA_2" "LineA_3" "LineA_4" "LineA_5" "LineB_1"
[8] "LineB_2" "LineB_3" "LineB_4" "LineB_5" "LineB_6" "LineB_7" "LineB_8"
[15] "LineB_9"