SAS metadata in Feather package


I am new to R community, but I have been managing R product suite for Data scientist as an Administrator.

I have a question with respect to SAS metadata (label) with respect to haven and feather. When SAS dataset (.sas7bdat extension) loaded as a data frame with haven, I can read the SAS labels with attr(dataframe$vairable, "labels").

R 4.1.0> attr(pd$TRT01A, "label")
[1] "Actual Treatment"

Converting this SAS dataset into feather or parquet format I couldn't find these labels. Feather package docs does not have any information specific to SAS metadata, except there is a reference to use feather::feather_metadata(featherFile) which actually only gives field attributes. As I am new to R programming , need your help to understand whether feather actually stores SAS metadatas.

Many thanks for the help.


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