save location does not pops up; directly launches the file


output$saveMetaData <- downloadHandler(
    filename = function(){
    content = function(file2){
      write.table(v$, file2, quote = F, row.names = T, col.names = T, sep = "\t")


Hi @shantanubafna, please try to include more information next time

I believe you're referring to the fact that if you click on a download button, the file gets downloaded without prompting you for a location to save. If you want to decide where to save it, try right clicking on the button and choosing "Save link as..." (or the equivalent in your browser).


Sorry. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks! that works


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Data <- downloadHandler(
    filename = function(){
    content = function(file1){
      #reading it as matrix as normalized data is sparse matrix
      write.table(data.frame(**as.matrix(v$scData@data)**), file1, quote = F, row.names = T, col.names = T, sep = "\t")


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