Save Plotly as Static Graph


I'm exploring a function with waterfall chart.
The original version is based on plot_ly interactive version.

fig <- plot_ly( data,
type = "waterfall",
measure = ~measure,
x = ~x,
textposition = "outside",
y= ~y)

But, I'd also want to save the same chart as a static png/jpeg image.
Found that orca package can help w/ that:
orca(fig, "Static Image.png", width = 7 * 300, height = 4 * 300)

Yet, it is not intuitive enough & does not seem to collaborate w/ RStudio Cloud.
Wondered if anyone knows an easier way to save static plot_ly charts & specify resolution?

I use webshot (which relies on phantomJS, to render a widget as a webpage, and screen shot it)

# renv::install("webshot")
# webshot::install_phantomjs()


x= list("Sales", "Consulting", "Net revenue", "Purchases", "Other expenses", "Profit before tax")
measure= c("relative", "relative", "total", "relative", "relative", "total")
text= c("+60", "+80", "", "-40", "-20", "Total")
y= c(60, 80, 0, -40, -20, 0)
data = data.frame(x=factor(x,levels=x),measure,text,y)

fig <- plot_ly( data,
                type = "waterfall",
                measure = ~measure,
                x = ~x,
                textposition = "outside",
                y= ~y,
                width = 2100,
                height= 1200)

saveWidget(as_widget(fig), "temp.html")
webshot("temp.html", file = "test.png")

Thanks, @nirgrahamuk !
I tried this approach.
Code creates temp.file for me, but the temp.png appears to be empty.
Maybe orca is the only option for now.