Saving Interactive Visuals in the Viewer of R studio

Dear All,

I've recently been using the 'iai' package for interpretable machine learning. The package is linked with Julia - alongside limited to academic license. On that basis, it may limit scope for help with the package directly.

However, my question is more general about saving output placed in the Viewer of RStudio, such as an interactive visual. In particular, I wanted to save a fitted regression tree shown here:

iai::fit(grid, train_X, train_y)

I wondered if anyone knew a general way in which this can be saved as html (or something)? Would be appreciated.

API Reference ยท Documentation (
Look at all the functions with write_ in the name :slight_smile:

Thanks @nirgrahamuk.

I seen that in the documentation earlier. It just doesn't strike me as particularly obvious how you do it - even with an applied example.

I'll keep trying.

Is it the case that they're saved to the temporary directory? If so, do you know how to retrieve files from here?

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