Saving RDS File on Network -Slow

I set up a windows virtual box using Microsoft's VM options, it seems to function well but when the person that is using it tries to save their RStudio rds, it takes FOREVER. Its taking 25 minutes(end file is currently 450mb) to save whereas when I save a file of the same size from the VM to the network share, it takes 10-15 seconds.

I'll be honest, I am not familiar with using Rstudio/R, I have been on the desktop side, mainly windows so my knowledge is very limited.

Any suggestions? Or can you point me in the direction of understanding it? I looked and saw that you can save with compression, not sure if that would help, space isn't a huge concern, mainly curious if it packages it at the local level and then when it saves it, maybe it would go faster because it doesn't need to transfer as much. Like i said though, all transfers to and from the VM seem to be extremely fast.

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