Saving Scripts/Confirm Change File Type


I'm working on a Windows 10 Machine, running R 3.6.0 and R Studio 1.2.1335

I've been encountering this issue for several weeks now, ever since I got R and RStudio set up on my new work computer.

I can create a new R Script in RStudio like normal, add code, etc, it runs fine. When I save, everything appears to be fine but then I get a pop up entitled "Confirm Change File Type" even though I have not tried to change the file type.

If I click "No" then nothing is saved and it returns me to my unsaved script.

If I click "Yes" I get a popup entitled "Error Saving File" with the text "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" as the text inside the box.

which then once that Ok is clicked, results in nothing being saved, or occasionally a 0b file being created very briefly and then disappearing.

This is clearly not ideal. It happens inside and outside of R projects. Sometimes it also results in getting the R bomb screen.

Any ideas on what is going wrong?

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Can you provide any other information about your work environment? For example, are you working with files on a networked filesystem, or anything like that? If so, what kind of networked filesystem is set up? Do you see the same issue when working with files on a local path?

I should have thought of that. Yes, my new system is part of a networked filesystem, and when I work with files on a local path the issue goes away.

Sorry for the trouble, thanks for helping me see what I should have figured out on my own!

No worries! This is still a de-facto issue in RStudio (or, perhaps R) as we should certainly try to do a better job of handling networked drives.

One other thing worth trying: are you able to try mapping your network drive to a local drive; e.g. as described in If so, does that help work around the issue at all?

@aurielfournier I'm exactly in the same situation than you. I used to have a lot of Rscripts and now moved to a new laptop but still on the same network. I cannot save any R scripts anymore as I get the "confirm change file type" error message. This issue goes away when I do save the file locally.

Since all my files are work related I do want to save them on the network and not locally. Could you explain what you did to be able to save them again on the network? The solution is not obvious for me :confused:

Thanks a lot

I'm not able to reproduce on my Windows VM, although this is with a network drive mounted from the host machine (which is just a macOS laptop).

Can you provide more information about what kind of network drive you're working on? What does the full path look like (just in case special characters in the path are potentially causing issues)?

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