integration to show if references have been supported or disputed


My name is Josh Nicholson and I am the co-founder and CEO of scite ( scite is a new platform introducing "Smart Citations" – citations that allow users to see how a research paper has been cited by providing the context of the citation and a classification describing whether it provides supporting or disputing evidence for the cited claim.

We've recently made our smart citation badges freely available to publishers and others and I wanted to see if an RStudio integration would make sense so that users could ensure they are citing reliable content.

You can see an example of integration we've made at Europe PMC:

We would be happy to contribute directly to the Rstudio code repo but before doing that I just wanted to get feedback and thoughts. You can see more information on our integration here:

(We do also expose editorial notices, such as retractions, corrections, withdrawals, corrections, errata, and expression of concern)


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