Scraping Reviews in R

I am working on a sentiment analysis project. My aim is to scrape all the reviews from the rotten tomatoes website of a particular movie. I have tried to scrape it but it is giving me illegal characters, not the reviews I want. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

I am using this function:

dune_movie <- read_html("")

Output I am getting:

<html lang="en" dir="ltr" xmlns:fb="" xmlns:og="">
[1] <head prefix="og: flixstertomatoes: ...
[2] <body class="body no-touch">\n\n        \n\n        <div id="emptyPlaceho ...

Essentially, the resulting object is the structure of the page. You can use xml2::xml_structure function to explore it further. You can also use RSeleniumto help with scraping the website.

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