Scrolling problem in 1.3.820

On MacOS 10.14.6 I cannot scroll down to the very end of an Rmd file. Scrolling stops a few lines before the end and I cannot reach the last few lines.

Do you also see this in the preview release? Can you share a reproducible example?

If this is an R Markdown document, it might depend on what outputs are displayed inline in the document.

It turns out the problem disappears when I do a Clear All Output

This is the final part of the Rmd document

Wenn wir mit den Studierendendaten testen wollen, ob die Häufigkeitsverteilung der Mathematiknoten bei Frauen und Männern gleich ist, dann geht das so:

studdat %>%
  select(Gender,Mathgrade) %>%
  drop_na() %>% table() %>%

and when the code is run, before I scroll down far enough, I cannot scroll to the end of the file.

Things work without problem in RStudio 1.2.5019.

I know 1.3.820 is a preview, I just wanted to be helpful in testing the next version in a known environment.

This has happened with every build of 1.3 that I have used on MacOS High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina. I just checked the "Allow scroll past end of document" option:

Tools > Global options... > Code > Display > Allow scroll past end of document

Thanks -- I've reproduced this issue locally and have filed an issue.

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