searching the oldest command using a variable

If I go to the Rstudio history and type the name of a variable and scroll down to the very first occurrence (to see how was it created) Rstudio IDE seems to restrict to a specific number of commands (around 100). If that is true how can I increase the limit? Is there any other way? I am sure there exists a way, and if not, then this is a serious gap for replicable data transformation.

Not an answer, but a point of clarificstion:

I don't think the history file is a robust approach to replication, it's why we encourage using scripts, markdown documents, etc. for reproducible workflows.


Hi Mara, Thanks.
I agree with you and therefore I always create a script but after several trials with many transformations on command line. Do you suggest to run single commands directly from script file and modifying it in place and re executing? Sometimes we do not know the final commands. Have to consolidate the commands into a script file later and document it properly. I am not at all replacing script file by history but just preceding it.

For what is worth, I find this to be a robust approach, if you are worried about screwing things in your script and not being able to go back, include version control (e.g. Git) into your workflow.


Thank you for the advice.

Hello @andresrcs,
Any idea on the main question please? How to increase the history limit?

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