Secret for rsconnect setAccountInfo()?

I'm trying to programatically deploy a project in RstudioConnect via rsconnect::deployApp() but it complains that:

Error: You must register an account using setAccountInfo prior to proceeding

Fine, I set up the account:

  name = 'myname',
  token = '',
  secret = ''

But I do not know where to get the secret. For the token, I found out that running rsconnect::accountInfo(name = 'myname') returns a list that includes my token, but have no clue of where can I find the secret string. Any ideas?

When deploying from RStudio with the Publishing button everything's fine.

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Hello Xavier!

For programmatic deployment using rsconnect it is best to use an API-key and connect using rsconnect::connectApiUser(), c.f. From R - RStudio Connect: User Guide.


Thanks, I successfully registered my api key with rsconnect::connectApiUser():

The account 'myname' is already registered; attempting to reconnect it.
Account registered successfully: myname

But if I try to deploy again with rsconnect::deployApp() it keeps complaining:

Error: You must register an account using setAccountInfo prior to proceeding.

OK, I just found out why. When deploying with rsconnect::deployApp I should not pass the server and account params. Now it works!


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