Seeking feedback on {disk.frame}

Hi community,

I wonder if any of you have used {disk.frame}.

It uses dplyr syntax to manipulate larger-than-RAM data on disk. So although it isn't part of tidyverse, it is the closest topic I can think of on this forum.

What are you thoughts on disk.frame?

In particular, I am looking for any pain points you have experienced, or if there are major show-stoppers stopping you from using {disk.frame} for your work.



I just read through the info and this package seems very interesting! I'm in biomedical informatics and we often encounter data sets that are very large (omics data), but small enough to reside on a simple hard drive on a PC. I will consider using it in future if the need arises and will share it with colleagues and keep you posted if we have any comments.

Keep up the good work!

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