selecting data if match found in character list

I have a countries list created manually . I also have a dataframe which countains countries and
continents and cities. How can I select only rows where df$location value contains the one of the elements in this list

also if say Bosnia is one of the elements in countries_list and the dataframe has Bosnia and Herzegovina, this also needs to be included

I have so far panda function but does not allow for partial match

data <- data[grepl(isin(countries_list),data$Location),]

Rstudio offers many handy cheatsheets, including one for Regular Expressions and that might be useful if you want to keep using the family of grep-like functions.

Personally, I prefer a different approach while still using some basic regex expressions: using "|" as an OR operator.


countries_list <- "Norway|Sweden|Finland|Bosnia|Spain|Germany"

df <- tribble(
  ~location, ~continent, ~city,
  "Australie", "Oceania", "Canberra",
  "France", "Europe", "Paris",
  "Bosnia and Herzegovenia", "Europe", "Sarajevo",
  "Peru", "South America", "Lima"

df %>% filter(str_detect(location, countries_list))
#> # A tibble: 1 x 3
#>   location                continent city    
#>   <chr>                   <chr>     <chr>   
#> 1 Bosnia and Herzegovenia Europe    Sarajevo

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