Selecting Data within a variable

I am very new to R, so please do forgive me if this question has been asked before

This is my data set -

Inside this, there is a variable called country. I have made this variable into a category using as.factor

This gives me x = countries and freq. But I have 47 countries. I want only those whose frequency is above 1000.

wine$country <- as.factor(wine$country)
countries <- wine$country
plot(countries, xlab = "Countries", ylab = "Frequency")

How do I select from countries whose frequency is over 1000 and subset it into a new variable?


is that the count function from dplyr or another package ?
I don't understand how it wouldnt error as dplyr count doesnt support raw factors as parameters, rather it can be passed dataframes/tibbles...


The count function is from plyr package


oh, thanks. well dplyr is used for general dataframe manipulation. i.e.

plyr::count(iris$Sepal.Length) %>%
  dplyr::filter(freq > 8)

not sure about what it means to 'subset into a new variable',
if you mean assign the result, then that would be <- which you have experience using.
Please let me know if you mean something else.

I think what I was trying to say is what you have written.

From the results that I get, I want to choose only those that freq > 1000.

So when I do plyr::count(countries), I get 47 countries. But I want to choose maybe 8 which has a freq > 1000.
The second part is where I don't understand how to choose results within results.

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