Selecting the correct drop downs and exporting CSV in RVEST

I am trying to write a script that does the following:

  1. Logs into a site with a name and password
  2. Select a value from a first dropdown
  3. Select a value from a second dropdown
  4. Select a value from a third dropdown
  5. Hitting a button that will generate a CSV file based on those selections Thus far, I have gotten through Step #2, but I'm struggling with the next three.

For the record, I cannot provide a completely reproducable example given the proprietary nature of what I'm trying to do, but I will be as detailed as possible.

Address of the login webpage
create a web session with the desired login address
pgsession<-html_session(login) pgform<-html_form(pgsession)[[1]]  #in this case the submit is the 2nd form filled_form<-set_values(pgform, "ctl00$MainContent$Login1$UserName" = "abc", "ctl00$MainContent$Login1$Password" = "xyz") pg <- submit_form(pgsession, filled_form)
results <- html_nodes(pg, "select[name='CustomerNumberList'] > option") %>% html_attr("value") %>% html_nodes("select[name='StatusCode'] > option")

It is that final line where I see the first error: Error in UseMethod("xml_find_all") : no applicable method for 'xml_find_all' applied to an object of class "character"

The element and its OuterHTML looks as such:
<select name="StatusCode" id="StatusCode" onchange="ShowHideInvoiceNumber(this)" style="width:200px;" class="">
<option selected="selected" value="OPEN">ALL OPEN ORDERS</option>
<option value="BOOKED"> &nbsp; BOOKED</option>
<option value="RESERVED"> &nbsp; RESERVED</option>
<option value="CUT"> &nbsp; CUT</option>
<option value="DIRECT"> &nbsp; DIRECT ORDERS</option>
<option value="ENTERED"> &nbsp; &nbsp; ENTERED (DIRECT ORDERS)</option>
<option value="CONFIRMED"> &nbsp; &nbsp; CONFIRMED (DIRECT ORDERS)</option>
<option value="BOOKING REQUESTED"> &nbsp; &nbsp; BOOKING REQUESTED (DIRECT ORDERS)</option>
<option value="BOOKING CONFIRMED"> &nbsp; &nbsp; BOOKING CONFIRMED (DIRECT ORDERS)</option>
<option value="SHIPPED"> &nbsp; &nbsp; SHIPPED (DIRECT ORDERS)</option>
<option value="ALL PART ORDERS"> &nbsp; ALL PART ORDERS</option>
<option value="POP ORDERS"> &nbsp; &nbsp; POP ORDERS</option>
<option value="REPLACEMENT PART ORDERS"> &nbsp; &nbsp; REPLACEMENT PART ORDERS</option>
<option value="PHOTOGRAPHY ORDERS"> &nbsp; PHOTOGRAPHY ORDERS</option>
<option value="PHOTOGRAPHY ORDERS-IN PHOTOGRAPHY"> &nbsp; &nbsp; IN PHOTOGRAPHY</option>
<option value="PHOTOGRAPHY ORDERS-BOOKED"> &nbsp; &nbsp; BOOKED</option>
<option value="INVOICED">ALL INVOICED ORDERS</option>


I'd like to select the value in that final option: <option value="INVOICED">ALL INVOICED ORDERS</option>

The third and final dropdown HTML is as such:

<select name="OutputFormat" id="OutputFormat" style="width:150px;" class="">
<option selected="selected" value="HTML">HTML (Screen)</option>
<option value="Excel">Excel Spreadsheet</option>


Say I want to click the Excel option.

And finally, I need to click the button as described below, which then triggers the download:

My last question is: How does the download work in R? Does it just generate the file into my working directory?

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