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Good afternoon Guys, i'm using R, i'm trying to build a function to extract the maximum from a range of 10 elements which varying with a loop iteration but i don't know how to.

This is roughly what i would like to obtain:

A <- $vector with 100 random numbers*

    for i in 1:length(A)
       maxx(i) = max (A[i]:A[i+9]) $ max of the range between A(i) and A(i+9)

maxx $list with length A, filled with all the maximums just calculated

thank you in advance,
Andrea :yum:

Alternatively use the function which.max() ?

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It could be but how can I create a vector with the selection of the elements to evaluate the max??

Thank You @nirgrahamuk

Your problem is in this part A[i]:A[i+9]

if A[i ] == 2 AND A[i + 9] == 6 you will get the max of the range 2:6

Instead try A[i:(i+9)]

A <- sample(0:9, 100, T)

a <- integer(length(A) - 9)

for (i in seq_along(a)) a[i] <- max(A[i:(i+9)])
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