Self-updating markdown report

I'd like to create a report in RMarkdown (or Shiny if I have to) which would update itself at regular intervals (daily or weekly) without direct intervention and which could be hosted somewhere like GitHub pages or RPubs or The report would query some web-based data and produce tables/graphs, and once a week or so it would pull the data again and rebuild the report. Does anyone have experience in such an output, or know what combination of tools or websites could be used to make this a reality?

You could create a parameterized report and call rmarkdown::render() using a cronjob or the windows task scheduler. Also check:

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Thanks for this, I had heard about task scheduler and I guess I can see how it could be used to update the report and push it to the web somewhere. I was just hoping that there might be some online tool where I could leave the code running, though it would be dormant 99% of the time. Any tips on such an approach would be warmly welcomed. Otherwise the task scheduler approach might be the only way to go.

I see - This is possible with RStudio Connect:

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