"Send Password Reset Email" not working

Hi all,

I recently refreshed my laptop and needed to login again to this website, but I have forgotten my password. I tried using the "Send Password Reset Email" function, but I'm not getting any email. I checked the spam folder, and nothing there as well. I added a second email address to my account (luckily I can still log-in here from my PC at home) and tried again, but no luck either. After a few attempts, the second email address received one email from this forum for reset, but it's completely blank so it's useless..

Does anybody else have this issue, and is there a workaround? I can't login on other devices anymore and I use this site a lot (since I'm a sustainer) so I hope I can fix this quickly.

Kind regards,

It worked on my primary email (and I could read the message).

I hope you can fix it quickly!

PS: you probably tried already, but just in case, can't you view the saved password on your home computer?

Very sorry about this issue.

PJ and I resolved this issue via email and private message.

If you run into this issue, please email community@rstudio.com and we'll just sort this manually.

In case the issue is with your email spam filter, it looks like the password reset email has the subject line "[RStudio Community] Password reset", and contains the text

Somebody asked to reset your password on RStudio Community.

If it was not you, you can safely ignore this email.

Click the following link to choose a new password:

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