separability tests of discrete variables in DEA

I ran the sep tests for location - a discrete variable for DEA and received the error bellow:

test.sep.disc(x, y, zlocation

  •           , ESTIMATOR = 1, ORIENTATION = 2, METRIC = 1
  •           , NSPLIT = 10, NREP = 1000, errchk = TRUE)

Error in test.sep.disc(x, y, zlocation, ESTIMATOR = 1, ORIENTATION = 2, :
In call to test.sep.disc Z contains more than 2 categories, but the maximum value in Z is different from the number of unique values.

Even though my variable had 5 values from 1 to 5, I still received this kind of message.
Could anyone help me out?

Not without a reprex. See the FAQ. (Especially, since this post is the only Google hit for the term test.sep.disc).