set options conditional on output formats in Quarto

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I was looking for an option to set Quarto options based on the output format being rendered. For instance I would like to echo: true with code folding for html but set echo: false for pdf. Is this even possible?

If you are using R, you can leverage knitr that allows to take some R values for options. It works the same as in R Markdown as this is a knitr feature.

You could use this R chunk option echo = knitr::is_html_output()

With Quarto it would be something like

  html: default
  pdf: default

#| echo: !expr knitr::is_html_output()
1 + 1

Here echo will be false unless HTML output.

More on this function: 9.1 LaTeX or HTML output | R Markdown Cookbook and knitr::pandoc_to() function.

However, there is a Quarto way. You need to use Project profiles: Quarto - Project Profiles
It allows you to set different set of metadata for different profiles. You would

  • One profile with format: html and execute config with echo: true
  • Another profile with format: pdf and execute config with echo: false

I let you read these docs and try yourself.

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