Setting instance size with the Python CLI

I deploy my Shiny app to ShinyApps.IO with the Python CLI:

rsconnect deploy shiny . --name namegoeshere --title titlegoeshere

and all is well. Now, I want to update the size of the instance that hosts the app. If I had deployed the app using R, I could simply write,

configureApp(nameofapp, size = "xxxlarge")

and that would work fine.

configureApp looks for the deployment data written by deployApp and uses that when updating the deployment. If I deployed using the Python CLI, however, configureApp won't find the deployment data because CLI tool puts the deployment data in a different directory and format (i.e., JSON versus dcf). Even the field names don't line up well. This seems to preclude updating a deployed Python app using the R package.

My question is, if I cannot update the Python app using the R package and I cannot set the instance size with the CLI tool, how do I programmatically set the size of the instance hosting my Python app on ShinyApps.IO?

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