Setting up RSS feed for a category in quarto blog

I followed the instructions in quarto site to set up RSS feed for the blog. I can see the rss feed for my site here. However, I am unable to figure out the RSS feed for a specific category of blog posts (I have a category called R in this case).

See discussion here:

You should be able to create feed by categories too by adapting your listing config.

it seems we don't have that in the doc.

Thanks very much. The github issue that you linked to provided the answer.

I am listing below the _quarto.yml file in case it is useful for others:

title: "Notes of a Dabbler"
subtitle: "Wandering through the beautiful world of math, computations and visualizations"
  contents: posts
  sort: "date desc"
  type: default
  categories: true
  sort-ui: false
  filter-ui: false
      - R
page-layout: full
title-block-banner: true

The xml feed for main post is at

and xml feed for R category posts is at

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